Preaching, teaching and living the Word of God

3 06 2017

Sunday I preached at GoP in Silang. It was a great time of fellowship and worship. While exiting the bamboo church building with a dirt floor I was asked by a leader if I’d speak there once a month. I said yes, I’d be happy to as my schedule allows. I was asked again by another GoP leader Thursday and again I replied yes. I’ll preach June 18, Fathers Day, so as a husband, dad and grandpa I hope to encourage the married and planning to be married men in this area of their lives from the Scriptures and my life.

Next Wednesday-Friday the WH missionaries and staff will have their annual retreat and I was asked to lead them in bible study. I have four sessions and we’ll tackle 1&2 Thessalonians since I recently studied the books for several weeks. It ought to be a rich time.

I think it’s most important that we be vigilant in our ministries to be sure the Word of God and the Gospel is kept central to who we are and what we teach and do. If while we do good work, and we compromise our core, the Word, we’ll end up going down an unending ever increasing slippery slope. God help us!

Voice is gone but I’m believing

27 05 2017

Wednesday evening I started to lose my voice. Thursday I had an all-day Christian Growth Ministries Board meeting followed by an ACTION Skype meeting from 10p-12a. Friday my voice was gone. I laid-low all day and worked in the office. I’m hoping my voice will return by tomorrow morning when I’m scheduled to speak at a nearby church. Yesterday I prepared my message in faith believing I’ll be at the pulpit tomorrow able to speak to God’s people from His Word. Pray for me please. Thank you.

great food, better fellowship

20 05 2017

This week we hosted a potluck and prayer meeting for missionaries, attended our field’s monthly team meeting and today I spoke at the graduation for a VBS in a slum of a partner church. We also got Mary Ann’s plastic driver’s license after waiting for over two years. The delay was due to a lack of plastic. 😀 It’s been a good week. By the way we’ve been staying at the NTM guesthouse since Thursday and as always enjoying our stay. Great food, even better fellowship.

At 2nd Mile and WSC

13 05 2017

We arrived at 2nd Mile Tuesday after a fruitful 2.5 week trip to the US. It was worth the effort and expense. Since arriving here we sent our April electronic newsletter and last night there was a mother-daughter activity for folks from our neighborhood. We contributed to the cost of the meal and Mary Ann participated. She said it was well done and attended. While she was there I finished reading “The Last Lion” which I started in January ’16. It’s a massive three-volume work on the life and times of Winston Spencer Churchill. He was the leader of the Free World during a very dark time. It was was a good read. If it wasn’t for WSC, today’s world would be very different. There will be one WSC but who is today’s leader of the Free World?

Juggling schedules

6 05 2017

Our week in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has been wall-to-wall with ministry appointments and family visits. Our daughter and her two daughters arrived from Washington State Monday evening so we’re also getting lots of grandparents time. They go home tomorrow. Our two weeks in the US have been productive. It’s been worth the effort and expense. Monday we return to 2nd Mile to resume our lives and work there but we have a busy weekend before we leave. Thanks for praying and giving.

Jeff Anderson
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Putting our time & money where our mouth is

29 04 2017

It’s easy to talk a good game, it’s another thing to execute well the game plan. In sports, in order to win, the execution requires total team commitment and effort. In other words, it’s costly. This week we helped with ACTION US’s orientation of six missionary candidates. It was well worth our time and money. We sent this message to each person, including those in the office, “you are valuable and we’re willing to pay the price to help you succeed. We are a team.” It was a good week. Now we’re in Minneapolis with family, friends and our church. To our new teammates and to us, let’s keep running our race with our eyes fixed on Jesus. The strain required to run thru the finish line will be worth it.

Jeff Anderson
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the journey

23 04 2017

We arrived in Seattle yesterday in good shape. We’re here to assist with ACTION US’s orientation for missionary candidates next week. We pray we’re an encouragement not only to them but everyone who faithfully serves at the office. Life and ministry certainly is a journey. Sometimes it’s smooth, rough, windy, straight, uphill, downhill, slippery or dry but it is an adventure. It’s all good because God is always good. I’m learning that.

Jeff Anderson
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