Launching out into the deep

5 08 2017

Today we launch out into the deep. We’re going to another southeast Asian country for a week. These, by nature “home-bodies”, are on an adventure. Pray for us please. Thank you.


Busy and hopefully productive

29 07 2017

Since Wednesday we’ve been pummeled by heavy monsoon rain being sucked in by a typhoon passing by the Philippines to our far north. The wind was also very strong. Finally this morning, after another stormy night, the rain has stopped and the sun is shining so we’re drying out.

Thursday late evening, the Regional Coordinators of ACTION, including our International Director and his Associate, had a two hour Skype meeting. My time in the Philippines is the latest of the day so it’s tough to fully participate in our monthly meetings after a long day. However, thankfully, I was able to stay alert and our internet held up as the rain and wind pounded our apartment.

Yesterday I had an all day Christian Growth Ministries Board meeting. After a short night I was able to hang in there but it was difficult. I was surprised and blessed, though, when the CGM management team threw a belated birthday party for me and another Board member. We had a great meal with a nice cake. They then gave us a basket full of delicious fruit to take home. I love Philippine fruit!

This morning Mary Ann walked the ACTION missionaries residing at 2nd Mile and another couple living off campus through our individual StengthsFinder reports. She did a good job and everyone expressed their appreciation for what we learned. We’ll think about where to take it from here.

Tomorrow I preach at Gates of Praise again. My message will be from Matthew 9: 35-38. This little church is “bursting out the seams” and is looking for larger and more secure location. Pray for me and GoP please. They’re a joy to my heart! I hope our busyness is producing fruit that glorifies God.

All4Christ: passion-aries for Christ

22 07 2017

Yesterday and today the steering committee of All4Christ met to discuss this budding ministry’s development. Our motto is “The life of the minister is the life of the ministry” and the 4 means evangelize, educate, exalt and empower. I was stirred-up, stimulated, spurred-on and provoked by the stories told, faith, vision and challenges shared by everyone. Each one is a passion-ary. We are all-in for Christ and all-out for the gospel among all people. All for God’s glory.

Girls Club: planting, watering & fruit

15 07 2017

Last night despite heavy rain 2nd Mile’s ministry called Girls Club had its monthly meeting. It’s an outreach to girls, moms and grandmas from our surrounding neighborhood. It’s well attended. The kids have crafts with a snack while the adults sing, share testimonies, pray, recite bible verses from memory and have a lesson. Gospel seeds are being planted and watered while some are bearing fruit in this agricultural community.

Up-close and grimy

8 07 2017

This week we have a team with us from a church in Washington State. They came to serve and learn. They’re accomplishing both because they arrived well prepared and are praying. Their church is also backing them with prayer. Tomorrow they go home so this morning Mary Ann and I will debrief them and this afternoon I’ll take a few guys to an open-air market and walk the streets. We’ll get up-close and grimy.

Full week, next week fuller

1 07 2017

This week was full with office work, preaching, speaking, writing, outreaches, a prayer meeting and hosting guests for dinner. Starting today with a farewell party for longtime coworkers, next week will be fuller with the same in addition to having a short-term team from the US. As an “oldie” we’re in the fast lane of life and ministry as we go “down hill”.

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Not too old

24 06 2017

Thursday we bought flip-flops for 22 street boys and girls. We also gave them a snack, *cold* water (a treat), a few practical small items and a gospel tract. Afterwards we hung-out with them at a busy intersection. Many passers-by were curious about what we were doing and some asked why we’re doing it. When it was over the kids went “home” to a dumpster area for several eateries. The funds for the flip-flops came from an elementary class in Arizona. We’ll do this again Tuesday for other kids.

I know I’m getting too old for some things but there’s one I’m not. That’s ministering to street kids. After 31 years doing this in the Philippines I have a lot yet to learn and feel like I’m just getting started. Let’s not overlook those whom God considers important. Jesus said “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. See that you do not look down on one of these little ones.” (Matthew 18:5,10)