A rewarding investment

21 04 2018

The Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop this week was enriching. It reminded us of the basics of life together in Christ and our need to keep growing. I was stimulated by our discussions in the classroom, during breaks and over meals. It was a rewarding investment of time and money. I highly recommend it.


Requesting prayer for fruitfulness

14 04 2018

Today we start the first of three major ministry trips in a month. The past few days have been full of reading and writing assignments, praying, paperwork, housework and packing. In a word, preparation. We want to start and end well. We are about being fruitful. Pray for us please. Thank you!

Keeping it real

7 04 2018

Easter Sunday I preached at Gates of Praise. My Tagalog is poor but the message was clear “Jesus is alive and He is returning soon. Are we ready? Will He be your Savior or Judge?” Yesterday I learned I will give three one hour messages to 100+ pastors and ministry and church leaders at our two-day All4Christ conference this month. I have two prepared so I need to write the third. To me preaching is not giving an academic lecture but declaring God’s Word which is living and active and sharper than any double-edged sword. (Hebrews 4:12) Before I stand behind a pulpit and declare the Word I must be authentic by having allowed the Word to teach, rebuke, correct, train and equip me for every type of good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17) otherwise I am play acting. I want to be real and not plastic as street kids say. God is closely watching and listening and not from a distance. This reality keeps it real.

A blend of nations

31 03 2018

Our annual field conference ended strong Tuesday. Our team is composed of people from the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Nepal, Tonga, Philippines and Sweden. We had a great time as we gathered together to encourage one another in God’s Word and prayer. Of course we also had lots of fun and ate plenty of delicious food. Now we’ve gone with the Gospel to our respective places of ministry. We truly are a blend of nations in Christ.

All for Christ and people

24 03 2018

After the umpteenth draft, yesterday we sent our newsletter to the printer. Our family, friends, supporters and prayer partners will have it in a few weeks. Today our team’s annual field conference starts which runs thru Tuesday lunch. These are rich days of fellowship. Our speaker is a friend from Minneapolis and his wife will lead ministry to the children. We are all for Christ and for all people.

Jeff Anderson
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Blessed IC in Seattle, back to Manila

17 03 2018

We had a blessed International Council meeting in Seattle. The six day International Council meeting concluded today. The Council is internationalizing which reflects our worldwide team.Tomorrow we return to Manila arriving late Sunday evening. It’ll be good to unpack our bags after living out of them for about six weeks and be off the road for awhile. Thanks for praying for us.

Good time in Spokane, now to Seattle

11 03 2018

We had a good time in Spokane with the Scotts and others, especially their home group. Mary Ann attended a conference all this week and said she “learned a ton”. I worked on my assignments for ACTION’s International Council meeting which is this week in Seattle and had plenty of grandpa time with our two granddaughters. As I write this we’re at Spokane’s airport waiting for our flight. Pray for our meetings please. Heavenly minded people from around the world will pray and work through many down to earth topics.