Belly-aching but better

30 12 2017

This week Mary Ann and I got away for four days. During our get away my gut grumbled and complained much of the time so I could eat only white bread, bananas and crackers. I have no idea what caused this but I’m feeling better. Mary Ann enjoyed a Christmas meal with friends so I’m glad she had a special day while my gut belly-ached. Such is life.

Jeff Anderson
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23 12 2017

After months of running hard, Mary Ann and I starting today, are pulling out of the fast lane for maintenance. We’re looking forward to reading our bibles and books and praying together for a few days. We don’t need to talk a lot just be together with nowhere to go in a hurry. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Jeff Anderson
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16 12 2017

This Thursday and Friday the All4Christ team ministered to 180+ pastors, their wives and church leaders in Bacolod City. Our days were filled with worship, prayer, fellowship and teaching from the Word of God. They are very precious people! This large meeting is followed by monthly get togethers for fellowship and planning joint ministries and quarterly for more teaching. I really like this! The key? Good leadership and trust for one another. Everyone is all for Christ!


9 12 2017

Thursday 2nd Mile based ministries held a Christmas party for fifty men from our community. Working Hands, Honest Hands and Mary Ann and me teamed up with two nearby churches for this lunch break activity. We sang, ate a nice lunch and the men heard a clear gospel message. Several indicated they trusted Christ by coming forward when an alter call was given. When the guys arrived they were shy but when they left they were laughing, smiling, shaking hands and had a large gift of groceries. Friends were made. We are now talking about how to best follow them up with bible studies and fellowship. Pray for us.

Today the ACTION Philippines team had a Christmas party. Despite Manila’s *horrendous* traffic it’s good to get together. Some of our people are tired and discouraged. Some are doing well. We need each other.

The real Reason for the Season

2 12 2017

Christmas in the Philippines started September 1 or the beginning of the “ber” months. It’s the busiest time of the year. Shopping malls are nicely decorated, grocery stores are featuring traditional Christmas foods and treats, Christmas songs are playing everywhere and the young and old alike are excited. Filipinos are religious people so they’re aware of the Christmas story but for many it’s only tradition. ACTION Philippines started our evangelistic Christmas party ministry this week. We conduct parties filled with singing, games, food, gifts, friendship and a clear Gospel message in coordination with churches and ministries with whom we partner year round. The parties are for those typically forgotten or hidden from people such as street kids, the rural and urban poor and prisoners. The cost per person is from $3.50-$5 depending on local costs. People have a *great* time at the parties and are followed up afterwards by their hosts. Many turn from their sin and trust the Savior, who is the real Reason for the the Christ-mas season. If you would like to sponsor people to a party send your gift the the ACTION office nearest you. Merry Christmas!

Precious people

25 11 2017

We arrived home Monday after two days of travel. My week has been full with office work, preparing two messages, of which I gave one Thursday and the other tomorrow, a potluck fellowship and I helped Brand New Day and Gates of Praise distribute needed supplies to families washed-out by flooding. For me it’s not about being busy but about helping precious people. I’m thankful to know and love many.

blessed are the flexible

18 11 2017

I learned and am still learning that “blessed are the flexible for they will not break”. Our week has turned out to be nothing like we planned but it’s good we’re here. God knows what He’s doing and why. He has His agenda. Tomorrow we leave for “home” arriving there Monday evening. God willing.

Jeff Anderson
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