Rainy season & an ongoing conversation

16 06 2018

It has rained hard almost nonstop most of the week. Rainy season has started. Our shoes and socks are muddy and wet. The temps are down but the temps are up. It’ll be this way till December.

Last Sunday after I preached at Gates of Praise a young man “bent my ear” for over thirty minutes about his recent five week missions trip. I couldn’t get a word in. He was amped and the Spirit has light a fire in him about missions. This is an ongoing conversation I have with him. Our previous conversation was about his observations of missionaries. This guy is from Brand New Day’s ministry and formerly a directionless street boy. He’s now a follower of Jesus. I don’t know if he is a future missionary but the Lord of the harvest does. Pray for him and BND as we guide him. We are making disciples as we go with the Gospel.


We keep on keepin’ on

9 06 2018

Here are updates for your info: 1. The Philippines weather bureau announced yesterday the start of rainy season. I’m glad to know that as I look out our window at the heavy monsoon rain. 2. Our stuff continues to go out our door. People are buying items, we’re giving them away or tossing them. We are reformatting as we prepare for the our next chapter of life and ministry. This is a good process. 3. Thursday evening we had a potluck with people from 2nd Mile and Brand New Day. The food was delicious, the fellowship sweet, the prayer rich, the message from God’s was alive, active and sharp (Hebrews 4:12) and the messenger boy (me) so-so. 4. Tomorrow I speak at Gates of Praise. I enjoy this little flock of God’s people. As a shepherd I’ll feed them from 1 Peter 5:1-11. Mary Ann and I keep on keepin’ on by God’s grace. Pray for us please.

The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few

2 06 2018

I have walked miles in Manila over the years and the past few years in Silang. Last month I walked a lot in Kathmandu. Manila and Kathmandu are jammed with people and full of life and Silang is a growing town. Jesus walked the cities, towns and villages of his day too. When he saw people he saw them as sheep needing a shepherd and as a harvest ready to be brought in but the harvesters were few. It’s the same today. The key is prayer. Join us in praying for longterm workers (Matthew 9:35-38). Let’s take a walk with Jesus and see what he sees.

Jeff Anderson
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Right-sizing & prayer letter

26 05 2018

We’re in the midst of down-sizing (right-sizing) our stuff so our apartment is topsy-turvy. It’s okay because we’re working our plan. In the midst of this process, which is easier said than done, we clamped down on our 2nd quarter four-page hardcopy prayer letter and got it done. Yesterday we sent it to our printer in the US and it is now in production. This AAA guy (activator, arranger, achiever) is happy. Our letters aren’t perfect but our readers deserve our best effort and they get it.


19 05 2018

We arrived home Monday afternoon from Kathmandu. That trip was our third major one in less than a month. This week has been about recharging our almost depleted batteries. After eating and sleeping well, taking a slower pace and people praying for us we’re almost at 100% again. I think though we’ll stay home for a while.

Jeff Anderson
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Building from the ground floor up

12 05 2018

It’s been a good week in Kathmandu. We had time to take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes including lots of dust. We shopped in back alley stalls and met many interesting people. The highlight was the three-day orientation we helped give to three Nepali couples, one Bangladeshi couple and a single from the US. They all are seasoned servants of Christ and the couples studied in Manila at the International Graduate School of Leadership. It is a joy participating in building the work from the ground floor up in Nepal and Bangladesh.

Jeff Anderson
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We are going

5 05 2018

This week we unpacked our bags, did a lot of laundry and paperwork, sent a prayer letter, hosted a prayer meeting, prepared for our next trip and repacked our bags. Tomorrow we go to another Asian country. This is our third major trip in less than a month. We are not seeking adventure or thrills. We do not have a travel bug. We are about, however, keeping the “go” in the gospel and gladly obeying the great commission. We are all out to teach all that Jesus commanded to all people of all nations.