About Jeff & Mary Ann


As a youth his parents taught Jeff to live with integrity and hard work. His extensive involvement in sports helped prepare him for team work and leadership. He trusted Christ as Savior in college through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ while a freshmen in college. During his college years, he was actively involved with CCC. He earned a degree in Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology and planned to be a police officer but God had another plan.

After college, God led Jeff to work at Midwest Challenge in Minneapolis. MWC is a Christ-centered residential discipleship program for drug addicts, homeless, prostitutes, prisoners and the like. He handled all kinds of ministries like: street outreach, jail and prison visitation, counseling, cooking, cleaning toilets and eventually became program director.

While serving at MWC, Jeff met Mary Ann. She was raised in Minneapolis in a home where her parents led her to the Lord at a young age and were instrumental in directing her toward missions. When she was in high school, she knew God was calling her to serve as a missionary. After taking secretarial courses in college, she worked in the office and was a live-in counsellor at MWC. Mary Ann served for 9 months with Sudan Interior Missions (SIM) as a secretary in Maradi, Niger, West Africa. During the time Mary Ann was in Africa, Jeff knew the Lord was calling him to commit his life to serving as a missionary wherever in the world God would send him. A few months after Mary Ann’s return, they were married.

During the early years of their marriage, they searched for a mission agency that worked with street people and the poor. Eventually, they joined Action International Ministries and arrived in Manila in the mid-80s and have served there up to the present time with ACTION. They have two married children and four grandchildren.

The Andersons have been active in ministry for 40 years. Thirty two of those years have been in the Philippines. Jeff was ordained in the early ’90s and served as ACTION Philippine’s field director for over ten years and served as the Associate International Director for nine years. He is involved in ministries to street children and their families and the disaster relief and development ministry. Currently he serves as the East Asia Regional Coordinator and ACTION’s Children-in-Crisis Task Force. Jeff has authored or edited numerous publications and papers, including “Restoring Children of the Streets: A Guide for Mobilizing and Equipping God’s People Around the World” which can be downloaded at this link. Mary Ann earned a Bible Certificate through Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning and serves at the ACTION Member Training and Development Coordinator. She is also a certified Gallop Strengths Coach.

Jeff and Mary Ann are committed to raising the awareness of churches, both in the Philippines and around the world, to the needs of street children and their families; assisting local churches in developing and sustaining programs to minister to them, by equipping churches with materials, training and personnel; and networking committed churches and agencies together into a stronger, more effective team for ministry.

Below is a covenant they wrote for their sending churches, friends and supporters in September 1985 before they went to the mission field.

Our Covenant

To our beloved friends, family, teammates and supporters,

We covenant before God, in the presence of His people, that we, together as a couple, will:

  • be faithful to our Lord, love Him and obey His will for us;
  • be committed to the inerrancy and authority of God’s Word which is relevant to every culture;
  • work toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission;
  • love people and uphold justice, without being partial to the poor or deferring to the great;
  • be faithful to and love each other and be loyal to our marriage covenant;
  • be faithful to love and nurture our children in the admonition and character of the Lord;
  • be trustworthy stewards of our finances and resources;
  • be harmonious and not cause dissension among ourselves or others;
  • be faithful to our supporters and sending team and maintain integrity and accuracy in our reporting of the Lord’s work on the field and in our lives;
  • be loyal, submissive and accountable to our mission (ACTION) and sending church (Grace Church) for as long as we mutually agree this is God’s calling for us;
  • seek counsel, forgiveness and restoration with our mission leaders, church leaders and/or supporters if we fail, or are seriously tempted to fail any part of this covenant.

It is by God’s grace and with His power that we will fulfill our covenant, knowing that this will please Him and bring glory to His name. (Psalm 116:14)

Jeffrey Scott Anderson and Mary Ann Anderson

September 1985


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