Preaching, teaching and living the Word of God

3 06 2017

Sunday I preached at GoP in Silang. It was a great time of fellowship and worship. While exiting the bamboo church building with a dirt floor I was asked by a leader if I’d speak there once a month. I said yes, I’d be happy to as my schedule allows. I was asked again by another GoP leader Thursday and again I replied yes. I’ll preach June 18, Fathers Day, so as a husband, dad and grandpa I hope to encourage the married and planning to be married men in this area of their lives from the Scriptures and my life.

Next Wednesday-Friday the WH missionaries and staff will have their annual retreat and I was asked to lead them in bible study. I have four sessions and we’ll tackle 1&2 Thessalonians since I recently studied the books for several weeks. It ought to be a rich time.

I think it’s most important that we be vigilant in our ministries to be sure the Word of God and the Gospel is kept central to who we are and what we teach and do. If while we do good work, and we compromise our core, the Word, we’ll end up going down an unending ever increasing slippery slope. God help us!




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