Good week in Spokane & back to 2nd Mile

24 09 2016

We arrived in Spokane Saturday after an uneventful flight and have had a good week with family and at Moody Bible Institute and Grace Christian Fellowship. The Fall weather both in Seattle and Spokane has been great. Monday morning we leave for Manila and will arrive at 2nd Mile late Tuesday evening, Lord willing. All-in-all so far our trip has been fruitful both ministry and family wise and a good investment of our time and money. It’ll be good to get back our work in the Philippines and be with our coworkers but leaving and saying good-bye doesn’t get any easier. That goes for both here and there. I suppose that’s good.

Jeff Anderson
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Great week!

17 09 2016

We had a great week with our hosts, at a Filipino church and orientation at the ACTION office for nine candidates. I am very pleased with the candidates and think they’re ready to start the adventure of missions. Tomorrow we go to Spokane to visit family and minister at Moody Bible Institute. Thank you for praying!

In Seattle

10 09 2016

We arrived in Seattle today after uneventful flights, which is a good thing. We’re looking forward to ministering in a church Sunday and next week’s orientation for missionary candidates at the ACTION office. I’m glad tomorrow is a low key day, though, because we need one. It’s a huge blessing to have helpful coworkers both here and in Manila because if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. A lot of work gets done when we have a well functioning team, empowered by the Spirit, and we don’t care who gets the credit. To God be all the glory and the credit goes to whom it’s due.

Jeff Anderson
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Ephesians and communication a missionary’s bread and butter

3 09 2016

This week I finished reading Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and because it is so rich I’m going through it again. Verse by verse. Pray for me please because my pea-brain wants to reach the lofty heights of God’s mercy, grace and unity which Paul is writing about.

Yesterday our third quarter hardcopy “Yes, Lord!” newsletter was mailed from the US office and Tuesday we mailed our August electronic “Yes, Lord!”. That’s a lot of writing but communication, whether face-to-face and written, is a missionary’s “bread and butter” or here “kanin and ulam”, rice and toppings.

Next Friday we leave for ACTION’s orientation for missionary candidates the 12th-16th and the 11th we’ll minister in a Seattle area church. Pray for us because we want God to be glorified by what He does in and through us.

CGM anniversary: moving forward

27 08 2016

Thursday Mary Ann and I attended Christian Growth Ministries’, formerly Christ for Greater Manila, 55th anniversary. It was a great time celebrating God’s faithfulness and goodness over the years. We served with CGM’s Lighthouse ministry from the mid ’80’s-early ’90s and have remained friends and partners since then. Recalling God’s faithfulness and goodness gives us confidence for the future, no matter how turbulent it is and frightening it looks. We’re not resting on past victories because there are many opportunities to be grabbed for God’s glory as we spread the gospel throughout the Philippines and beyond. We’re moving forward because we’re not done till we’re done and God will determine when we are.

Connecting with Twitter

24 08 2016

With this blog post I’m connecting our WordPress account with my Twitter account. It will help you stay connected if you use Twitter and want to link with us that way. Thanks for taking the time to read what we post. We always need and appreciate prayer.

Getting WordPress setup

23 08 2016

We are in the process of closing our former website and blog in order to consolidate both of them here. We welcome any legitimate comments and suggestions. Check back for updates. If you want to look back on previous posts, you can still find them if you click here.