blessed are the flexible

18 11 2017

I learned and am still learning that “blessed are the flexible for they will not break”. Our week has turned out to be nothing like we planned but it’s good we’re here. God knows what He’s doing and why. He has His agenda. Tomorrow we leave for “home” arriving there Monday evening. God willing.

Jeff Anderson
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11 11 2017

Greetings from Singapore where we arrived yesterday. Today we continue our 48 hour trip to our destination in another Asian country. We are on an adventure and being stretched. My watchword for this trip is Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps”. We are confident in Him not in ourselves.

Jeff Anderson
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Home for a while but not for long

4 11 2017

We ended well in Minneapolis and are now at 2nd Mile. We arrived Wednesday late evening in heavy rain. It’s good to be sitting at home and have our bags unpacked but not for long. Next week we leave for another country in southeast Asia for ten days. I’ve said it before, we’re not road warriors but stay close to home types so we are being stretched. It’s good for us. Pray for us please. Thank you.

My times are in Your hand

28 10 2017

This week unexpectedly I had a tooth extracted that has given me trouble for a few years. This caused my schedule at Grace Church to change but we see God’s guidance in this matter. There has been little pain and swelling so I’m doing okay. Psalm 31:15 has reassured me, a straight-ahead guy, that our times are in His hand. It says “My times are in Your hand.” I’m grateful for good dental care and friends who care.

Join us on an adventure!

21 10 2017

We arrived last night in Minneapolis from Manila in good shape. After a good conversation with great friends and a decent night’s rest, today is about getting ready to minister tomorrow in a missions conference. Really, we’re not “road warriors” but we are about mobilizing people, equipping and launching them in their great adventure for the gospel. Believe me, it is an adventure! Join us!

No time to belly-ache

14 10 2017

Throughout yesterday, last night and so far today it’s rained hard and been blowy due to a typhoon to our north. Due to our weather I haven’t been able to see my dentist so I’m on pain-reliever and gargling with coconut oil which seems to help.Yesterday I also had an upset stomach which sent me the the bathroom several times. Now it’s okay. Between runs to the toilet I worked on the message I’ll give in a Minneapolis area church next weekend and launched a fund-raising project to help students and families who were washed-out by torrential rain last month. There’s no time to belly-ache and even if there was I wouldn’t.

Reading, Writing & Speaking: nutritious food

7 10 2017

This week I finished a short book about William Carey’s life and ministry. It’s good and I recommend it. I also started reading Edmund Morris’s massive three-volume series about the life and times of Theodore Roosevelt. I’m reading about leaders because I want to know how they are made.

This week we also finished writing our 3rd quarter four-page hardcopy “Yes, Lord!” newsletter. It’s being printed in California and will be with our readers in due time. We’re praying it will “spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24)

Thursday I spoke at our monthly get-together of reps from the Working Hands, Brand New Day and Honest Hands and 2nd Mile ministries. The food was good, the fellowship great and my message so-so. Tomorrow I preach at Gates of Praise from John 4. I will emphasize that Jesus went through Samaria and engaged a Samaritan woman of ill-repute in conversation because He was on a mission. He broke many social and religious taboos of His day which lead to many Samaritans realizing that He is the Savior of the world.

Reading, writing and speaking continually feed each other with fresh nutritious food. I’m hungry for more.