CGM anniversary: moving forward

27 08 2016

Thursday Mary Ann and I attended Christian Growth Ministries’, formerly Christ for Greater Manila, 55th anniversary. It was a great time celebrating God’s faithfulness and goodness over the years. We served with CGM’s Lighthouse ministry from the mid ’80’s-early ’90s and have remained friends and partners since then. Recalling God’s faithfulness and goodness gives us confidence for the future, no matter how turbulent it is and frightening it looks. We’re not resting on past victories because there are many opportunities to be grabbed for God’s glory as we spread the gospel throughout the Philippines and beyond. We’re moving forward because we’re not done till we’re done and God will determine when we are.

Connecting with Twitter

24 08 2016

With this blog post I’m connecting our WordPress account with my Twitter account. It will help you stay connected if you use Twitter and want to link with us that way. Thanks for taking the time to read what we post. We always need and appreciate prayer.

Getting WordPress setup

23 08 2016

We are in the process of closing our former website and blog in order to consolidate both of them here. We welcome any legitimate comments and suggestions. Check back for updates. If you want to look back on previous posts, you can still find them if you click here.

3rd Quarter ’16 Newsletter

21 08 2016

We have finished our Third Quarter Newsletter. Take a look.

Getting Settled

20 08 2016

This week we’re writing our 3rd quarter hardcopy “Yes, Lord!” four-page newsletter. This is in the midst of other activities such as speaking in a Working Hands chapel, giving devotions during an Honest Hands staff meeting, selling our condo in St. Paul, attending a potluck/prayer meeting with other 2nd Mile based missionaries and yesterday attending ACTION Philippines’ monthly team meeting. Life is full and I trust we’re productive not just busy. There’s a profound difference between being productive and busy.

100% Fully Charged

13 08 2016

This past week I’ve been the guide, translator, friend and go-between for Mike and Paul as they taught principles of Sustainable Church Multiplication to church planters and workers. It’s been a joy to introduce Mike and Paul to some longtime friends and coworkers and watch them build friendships. Yesterday Paul and I “hit the streets” as we took in the sights, sounds, smells, sounds, tastes and smiles of Manila and got soaked to the bone because of pouring rain. I describe Manila as a “rock ‘n roll”, “push and shove” city with it’s own rhythm and pulse. To truly take it in we need to walk the streets. I get tired but I don’t get tired of Manila. People need the Lord. 100% fully charged.

Unpacking & repacking, operation

6 08 2016

We arrived at 2nd Mile Wednesday evening after uneventful flights from Minneapolis. We’ve been busy unpacking and repacking because we leave this morning for Manila. I’ll help with a training for church-planters next week and Mary Ann will attend training in using StrengthFinders which we’ll incorporate in our mentoring and training of new ACTION missionaries. I’ll also preach Sunday in a new church among families.

By the way yesterday Pastor Renato and I returned to the area along a river where 22 families were totally burned out in early June. We did a relief op shortly after the fire and met Ivan who had a badly broken leg and needed an operation. To make the story short, before we left for Minnesota Renato and I made arrangements for Ivan’s operation which he had last week. It’ll be three months before he can return to work as a welder but he’s healing. His father, Gilbert, asked where they can go to church and we’ll refer them to one nearby. Yes we are “do-gooders” like Jesus.


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