Productive week in Minneapolis

18 02 2017

We arrived in Minneapolis Monday evening after a good time with family in Spokane. This week has been productive in many ways with friends and our church. Our time with Mary Ann’s folks and siblings has been rich. Last night thru today we’re attending an excellent conference called “Hard Pressed but not Crushed: Caring for Missionaries Under Pressure” and tonight we’ll have supper with the pastor and his wife of a Fil-Am church to discuss partnership possibilities. Tomorrow we’ll have the entire time of a large adult class at our church to give a ministry update. We thank the Lord for opportunities to minister to and with others. Thanks for praying for us.

Meeting and connecting people: amazing!

12 02 2017

One of my great joys is meeting and connecting people throughout God’s kingdom. Their passport, color, language, gender, age, social status or past doesn’t matter to me. The bottom-line is their life in Jesus Christ. At the end of it all, that’s what matters. This is what’s happening on this trip. Amazing grace! It is a sweet sound.

Jeff Anderson
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Praying for workers

4 02 2017

Mary Ann and I are in Winnipeg at Missionfest Manitoba this weekend where I speak this morning and we co-teach a workshop this afternoon. I’ll speak about ministry with street kids and we’ll teach on what’s needed to become a fruitful longterm worker among children-in-crisis. Join our precious co-workers and us in prayer because more laborers are desperately needed. The kids and their families are waiting.

Asking for missionaries

21 01 2017

Mary Ann and I are in Manila so I’m getting my urban fix. There are people, people and more precious people everywhere in this push ‘n shove rock ‘n roll city. As I walked around yesterday asking the Lord of the harvest for more missionaries, I noticed the blank tired eyes of people as they looked at me, an Amerikano where Amerikanos wouldn’t typically be. Each person has a name and a story and is known and loved by God. I’m reminded of Jonah 4:11 “Should I not pity Ninevah (Manila), that great city”. Lord send us missionaries who love will love Manila and her people!

Jeff Anderson
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Guests-friends-partners-next steps

14 01 2017

This week we hosted three people from Britain and two from Minnesota. They started out as guests then they became friends, then partners in ministry and now they’re praying about their next steps of involvement. We had rich conversations over meals, coffee and tea about all kinds of topics. This is about friendship and fellowship which is simply profound. It’s not rocket science.

Potlucks, prayer & preparations

7 01 2017

This week we had two large potlucks with prayer meetings. They’re a lot of work but well worth the effort because they provide rich fellowship and delicious food. We’re also preparing for our ministry at Manitoba Missionfest in Winnipeg February 3-5 where on the 4th I’ll speak to young professionals, Mary Ann and I will co-teach a workshop and I’ll preach in a conference sponsoring church the 5th. The conference’s theme is “Let the children come to Me: At-risk children of the world”. We’re praying for people to fully give themselves to the Lord of the harvest to serve full-time for a lifetime among children at-risk. Only the Spirit can do this through the living and written word of God. Join us in prayer please.

Typhoon Nock-Ten and lots of coming and going

31 12 2016

Christmas day we battened down the hatches in prep for typhoon Nock-Ten’s arrival which was early Monday morning. It rained hard for hours but the wind was minimal. As the rain approached it sounded like a train roaring toward us as it pounded GI sheet roofs. This week there was also lots of coming and going at 2nd Mile with guests, a missionary family arrived from their furlough and churches having sports days. Mary Ann and I also sent our December electronic “Yes, Lord!” newsletter despite our internet’s modem being broke which is now repaired. It’s been a full week. We’re happy campers.