18 02 2018

We had a good week in Minneapolis. We’re writing papers and reports for next month’s International Council meeting in Seattle. We’re also working through reading assignments. In addition we met with the speaker and his wife who will minister at our field conference next month in the Philippines. We have meetings lined up in three Minneapolis area churches starting tomorrow so we’re also putting together our presentation. Tuesday I have surgery for two dental implants so pray it goes well and I heal quickly. Lots of preparation for future events. Did I forget anything? Yes we’re enjoying our days now.

Jeff Anderson
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Warm people

10 02 2018

We arrived in Minneapolis from Manila Wednesday evening. The temperature difference is 80° F and the time difference is 14 hours. The people here are warm which makes the adjustments easier. Yesterday I saw an oral surgeon about implants so that’s in process. I like to eat so it’s good to have reliable teeth. I’m grateful for warmhearted people both in Minneapolis and Manila.

Enjoying a good cup of coffee

3 02 2018

It’s been a full week of preaching, writing assignments, guests and potlucks-prayer meetings in addition to our normal activities. I subbed for the fellow that was scheduled to preach and at the prayer meetings I gave devotions and led the prayer time. Next Wednesday we go back on the road. It’s nice to slow down a bit this morning and enjoy a good cup of coffee.


27 01 2018

Tuesday two guys from a church in North Dakota returned home and yesterday two ladies from a church in Minnesota arrived. The guys served with us for ten days as will the ladies. One of my joys is connecting people and seeing them serve with unity in Christ despite our differing personalities, perspectives, skills, gifts, genders and nationalities. We are about Jesus and the world knows we are his followers by our love for him, for each other and for those watching us. Unity is for the body of Christ. Uniformity is for the military.

Good challenging week!

20 01 2018

This has been a good week despite the colds and jetlag of some of team members. It’s been wall to wall with early mornings, late nights and long hours of travel *but* worth it all. The ministry and fellowship we’re having with God’s servants is priceless! We taught 80+ pastors in Gasan, Marinduque on Tuesday and Thursday 70+ students, faculty, alumni and pastors at the Center for Biblical Studies in Antipolo.

Yesterday along with longtime friends Pastor Larry and Ron we visited pastors in Baseco, the largest squatter community in Manila. I was challenged anew by the work being done and the work that still needs doing. We need longtime committed workers because we are so few and the multitudes are so huge and needy! Oh Lord of the harvest and of our city please send them because we are lost without a shepherd. We have no one to turn to but to you through prayer.

Jeff Anderson
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Lots going on

13 01 2018

This week I’ve had a bad cold. There’s a lot of coughing, sneezing, wheezing and fever going around. I’m feeling better but not yet completely back to full strength. The toughest part has been being stuck inside while the weather has been nice. I’m glad, though, this happened before being on the road next week with the local All4Christ team teaching at two conferences for pastors, missionaries, bible school and seminary students and church workers followed by ministry to street and poor kids in Manila. We’ll be joined by two guys from the US, however, their flights have been affected by winter weather there so we’re making necessary adjustments. Lots going on.

Kids helping kids, love it!

6 01 2018

The flip-flops we brought back with us in October were finally distributed to kids yesterday. This was our third attempt because we were rained out twice. The flip-flops were provided by kids of a church in Minnesota. We didn’t have enough for little kids so we could use more. If you are interested in providing flip-flops for boys and girls let me know. I *love* it when kids are helping other kids!